3 Ways to Honor Both Mothers in the Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are focused on the couple as they should be. But sometimes the couple wants to acknowledge the role their mothers have had in their life and honor them at the ceremony. One example of the Rose Ceremony is found here https://www.greatofficiants.com/mothers-rose-presentation

Red Rose Ceremony

I have done this in many weddings using  red roses  but any flower can be used. Both mothers are always appreciative of being recognized as a key factor in the couples life up until this point.Rose and rings The ceremony ends with “These Roses are a promise that no matter how far away you are that you are not forgotten and that you are always in their hearts.” This is very touching and fun to be a surprise at the wedding. Photo by http://www.lindsayaikmanphoto.com




Mothers Holding the Rings

Another way to honor both mothers is to have them hold the rings and bring them forward for the ring exchange during the ceremony. This a way to include your mothers and also make it easy for the wedding party to keep their hands free for bouquets, helping with bride’s dress, etc.

The Last Kiss as a Single Person to the Mothers

The last kiss as a single person before you become a couple includes the mothers https://celebrateintimateweddings.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/last-kiss-before-the-first-kiss/

In this blog the officiant invites the mothers up just before the couple kisses to give them one last kiss as a single person.

“These mother’s their lips were the first to kiss them and bring them into this world and today a mother’s love – together with their blessings – will be first to send them on their way to their new life together as wife and husband.

Mothers. . . please kiss the Bride and Groom!”

Another way to do it is to surprise the mothers by having the couple go to them early in the ceremony and give them a kiss, with the officiant saying : “At this time ( the couple) would like to have their last kiss as single people……they would like to have that kiss come from the two people who taught them love and gave them their first kiss, their mothers.” .

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