Ann McKenzie 2018 Couples Choice Award Winner

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Jordan said:

My wife Bethany and I were fortunate enough to have Ann McKenzie help us with our wedding back in October. She did an amazing job with our wedding! Ann helped us with everything we needed as far as vows and any other questions about what to do or expect with the ceremony. She met with us several times before the big day to discuss everything, and always got back to us immediately via phone or email.Jordan and Beth Wedding Raleigh

Ann made sure that we understood the wedding was about us and we could do everything the way we wanted! She was there to give whatever help we wanted but did not dictate anything if we did not want her to. Ann made our big day extremely smooth and memorable. We were very blessed to have her officiate our wedding! Feel free to ask her to give our contact info if you have any specific questions!

Camille and Candace said:

When it came time for my wife, Camille, and I to identify an officiant for our wedding ceremony, we knew the individual had to Camille and Candace Raleigh Wedding be one who highlighted our values, beliefs and love shared. After the first conversation, we instantly knew Ann was God sent. Ann made sure to exceed our expectations by taking the time to get to know each of us and our desires for our special day. She made sure to be thoughtful and considerate of our life stories, giving light to this through her tailored transcript of our ceremony.

As a couple, we want our love to inspire others to love. Ann did just that by setting a beautiful tone for our ceremony. We are blessed that we were able to share our union with Ann and are so happy to call her a friend, a bond that will forever be in our hearts! Love Mrs. Candace and Camille Green.

Cherihan said:

My (now) husband and I were nervous about finding an officiant that would be able to capture our spiritual energy and our love story to make our ceremony feel truly unique and meaningful to us. We were so lucky to be introduced to Ann! After our first phone conversation, which ended up lasting an hour because the three of us just could not stop chatting, we knew that we had found someone truly special. Ann is focused on making the ceremony so personalized and truly wanted to get to know us. We did not feel like just another random couple getting married by someone we had just met. We filled out a short questionnaire and submitted our responses separately to her so she could include some of our own words in the ceremony.

It was so sweet hearing what my husband thought of our love through Ann. She was thoughtful, genuine, detail oriented and helped us write our own vows. When we finally met in person a few weeks before the big day, my husband, Ann and I felt such an immediate connection! By the end of our meeting, we were hugging and laughing. On our big day, Ann had such a calming, sweet, loving spirit that helped us truly embrace the beautiful moments of our ceremony. We feel SO lucky to have found Ann- she gave us the ceremony of our dreams!

Shannon said:

I would definitely recommend Ann. My husband and I weren’t really sure the direction we wanted to take with our ceremony, we just knew the things we didn’t want. We met with Ann and talked with her several times before the rehearsal and wedding. She offered us lots of suggestions and good advice about the themes we could use. She was a great listener and wanted to make this ceremony about us. We ended up using several of her ideas for our ceremony. She wrote the most beautiful wedding script. Ann offered some very useful critiques for each of our vows which made them work so well together for the ceremony. She was very easy to get a hold of, very responsive, fun and full of life. I would recommend Ann to anyone.