5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Officiant (or Spiritual Guide)

Would you like a joy-filled event , stress-free? Here are questions to ask when looking for a wedding officiant or spiritual guide.

  1. Are they easy to talk to?  Are you comfortable talking to them?  Are they friendly with a pleasing tone of voice?  Do they listen to you and seem in tune to your wishes?
  2.  Do they welcome your input? Do they ask what you would like in your ceremony and vows?  Are your ideas being taken into consideration?  They may let you know that as far as the legal ceremony , only your names, your intention, your vows , two witnesses and the declaration of a marriage couple are required.  This is your wedding and it should embrace the essence of your relationship to your family and friends.   Anything you want to add is OK as long as the legal requirements are present. 
  3.  Do they offer suggestions for Rituals or Remembrances? Unity ceremonies  such as candle lighting or sand ceremony can add an extra element to the service.  A nice gesture is the remembrance of loves ones, parents, grandparents or others who are no longer with us in the physical plane.  If there are children from a previous marriage, are they to be included in the ceremony?
  4. Open-Mindedness? Do they welcome your preference for the type of ceremony :secular, spiritual or religious? Are they free of religious, sexual or racial bias? Will your friends and family feel comfortable in the presence of them ?
  5. Description of Services and Fees? Do they describe their services including: unlimited texts,calls or emails leading up to the ceremony and expected response time; creation of ceremony and vows : officiating the ceremony and filing of legal documents. The average fee for a wedding officiant is $500 ( rehearsal and wedding). The average fee for spiritual guidance $75-100 per session. https://www.annmckenzie.net/ceremonies/

If you ask these questions, your wedding or spiritual guidance session should be stress-free and filled with joy. It is your natural right to have a joyful life and experience! Interview your minister to see if it will be a good fit for you. 

I offer personalized ceremonies, as well as De-Stress sessions for  the bride, groom and parents leading up to the wedding. The sessions will focus on reducing stress associated with the upcoming wedding. It will include a discussion of the wedding and the causes of your stress. A guided mediation will follow to relax and allow you to let go of worrying thoughts. You will take a trip through nature in your mind and focus on pleasant surroundings. Next you will visualize the wedding unfolding with ease and grace. You will have techniques to help calm yourself and enjoy the wedding when it occurs. https://www.annmckenzie.net/ceremonies/

I also offer spiritual guidance and energy healing sessions to everyone on an on-going basis. http://omnigirl.net/energy-healing/


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