Living a Life of Unconditional Love

My aunt transcended to the spiritual plane this week. She was full of love and laughter during her 80+ years of life and freely shared those blessings to all around her. I felt so strongly about her wonderful soul that I made up my mind to speak at her funeral, which made me very nervous. Public speaking is not fun to me , but in the past year I have been officiating weddings in front of large groups of people and knew if I could do that, I could do this for my aunt. My real concern was getting through it without crying the whole time. These are my thoughts I shared with our family on Friday;

“We are born feeling unconditional love for everyone around us. As we grow up, we begin to feel separation from others and spend our life looking for peace in our heart as a key to happiness. Some of us are fortunate enough to know a person who lives from a place of unconditional love. There is no judgment, no jealousy, no anger at other people-everyone is seen as their true self- a child of God with a pure soul. This person radiates love in all they do and say and shows no preference to anyone around them.

Melba McKenzie was a person whose heart and love always shined upon everyone she met. I had the honor of being part of her family. I also had the privilege to know another person with this rare quality-of total unconditional love- my mother. Melba and Rachel( my mother) ¬†were sisters from first sight after marrying brothers from the McKenzie clan. There was a special bond between these two women that were stronger than family-it was at the core of their soul-their love for all God’s children.

This week I have spent in reflection of Melba’s life and have seen Melba, Rachel, Paul( my father) and Stan (my uncle) together again, all with radiant smiles. Even though we are sad today with Melba’s passing to the spiritual plane, we know she is sending her love down to us now and will for the rest of our lives. Let us all open our hearts to love and share it with everyone we meet. Melba would be proud.”

Our lives expand beyond happy when we come from a place of unconditional love to all we meet. It is a daily practice but one well worth the undertaking, allowing us to find heaven on earth. And yes, I made it through the tribute to Aunt Melba without crying (although a few voice quivers). It is amazing when you let go of fear and focus on what is really important, the things you find yourself doing, that you would never have thought you could.

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