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Ann McKenzie, Raleigh Wedding Officiant answers some common wedding questions:


Wake County Marriage License Application

Q: Where and when do I obtain a marriage license?

A: All of North Carolina’s 100 Register of Deeds offices issue marriage licenses that can be used anywhere in the state. The license can be used immediately upon issuance and is good for 60 days. Both completed original licenses must be returned to the county where it was issued.  You must go in person to pick up your license, the cost is $60.


Q: How do I obtain a certified copy of my marriage license?

A:  You may obtain a certified copy of your marriage license after it has been filed with the Register of Deeds. This can be obtained online at ,  in person or by US mail: send  a completed request from, $10 check or money order, and photo copy of a government issued ID , print out request form to mail from


Q. How do I change my name? 

A. Present a certified copy of the marriage certificate to the Social Security Office, wait 24 hours , then present a certified copy to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)


Q: How many witnesses do I need?

A. Two witnesses are required. The minister does not count as one of the witnesses. It can be anyone a the wedding. Many times it is the Maid of Honor and the Best Man, the parents of the couple, or family relatives of the couple such as brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. 


Q. Who files the marriage certificate after all the signatures are obtained (the two witnesses and the minister’s signatures)? 

A. Usually, the minister will mail the copies to the Register of Deeds. If you are leaving on a trip very soon or need the marriage license for insurance, etc. , you can take it to the Register of Deeds yourself and obtain a certified copy immediately. 


Q. What is required for the wedding ceremony to be legal? 

A. Your declaration of intent – the wedding vows,  and the pronouncement that the couple is married,  as well as completion of the marriage certificate with signatures.  


Q. What are the common types of wedding ceremonies?

A. Spiritual – a non-denominational  or inter-faith ceremony that doesn’t conform to the religious aspects of the mainstream religious beliefs

     Religious- music, poetry, prayers or readings from religious texts or literature are also commonly incorporated into the ceremony

     Secular-   is a wedding ceremony that includes rituals, but no religious elements; often called a humanist wedding

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