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Unity Ceremonies can be included in your wedding ceremony. They symbolize the couple’s separate lives becoming joined into one future life together. One of the most popular is the candle lighting ceremony , where the couple lights an individual candle then uses each separate candle  to light the center candle. It is a beautiful ceremony. Pinterest is a good source of information for Unity Ceremonies :

I has been my privilege to help direct many  types of Unity Ceremonies. The Sand Ceremony  can include children from a previous relationship such as the sand ceremony. The couple as well as each child has a different color sand. They pour them together in a vase and realize the individual sands once joined can not be separated . It is a fun way to include children. This is from Vicky and Jessica wedding and including Jessica’s  3 children .






The Hand-fasting Ceremony is also known as  “Tying the Knot” . It is done by draping pieces of cord or cloth over each couples hands and arms , then the couple pulls the strands apart and it forms a knot. It symbolizes the couples’ devotion and connection to each other.   This was a very creative way for Andrea and Ian to say their vows to each other. 







The pebble ceremony includes the guests during a ceremony. Each guest holds a stone during the ceremony, making a wish for the couple and then drops it in the jar near the end of the ceremony. The couple may light a candle over the pebbles.  Kathryn and Rich chose this ceremony. 






The Unity Painting is a really fun ceremony but can be a little messy. A blank canvas with an interlocking heart in  the center, made from masking tape, is placed on a table covered by white paper for spills. The couple and even the family can be included. Each person pours a tiny can across the top of the canvas ,letting the paint drip down. It makes an abstract painting. When you remove the masking tape, you are left with an interlocking heart in white in the center of the painting. Kendra and Matt decided on this fun unity ceremony.

Photo: Lindsay Aikman Photography







I would love to discuss ways to add an extra level of participation for you and your partner in your wedding. You can contact me at

Your Wedding! Your Way!


The wedding ceremony is intended to show your love story to your family and friends. It is an expression of the love you have for one another and a way to share this with the people that are important to you. I always impress upon couples that it is their ceremony, it can be anything they want

I find that couples like the structure of a traditional ceremony: opening words, the gathering of friends, declaration of support, marriage address, vows, exchange of rings, and the final words. This is true for weddings whether they are spiritual, secular or religious. I began officiating weddings in North Carolina when we changed the laws to allow LGBT couples to marry. I was upset with some of the NC government employees, who did not want to do their job and marry all couples. I had become an ordained minister to open an Energy Healing business. It allows you to console someone with a touch on the shoulder, hand etc. A friend saw that I had become ordained and asked me to marry him and his fiance. Thus I began this new career three years ago. 

One of my favorite parts of a ceremony crafted the way the couple wanted was with Molly and Jordan. They both wore long white wedding dresses and both of them had their father give them away. This wedding took place in Farmville, NC, a small rural town at   It was a pleasure to see tradition being challenged and the full embracing of this change by guests and family.








Another wedding with a different twist was Jessica and Vicky’s wedding in Clayton, NC at the

The three children were included from a previous marriage, they all joined in a sand ceremony. 












Fred and Christopher wanted to be married at Pullen Park in Raleigh

since it has been part of both of their lives for many years. The ceremony was performed under the gazebo on the lake, with the final vows taking place on the carousel with all of the

 guests riding with the wedding party.  








Look for an upcoming post on the Medieval Wedding I officiated.  Thi was one of the most unusual weddings that I have participated in. 







Feel free to contact me for any ideas to make your wedding unique to you and your fiance.

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